“Dream You Never Had” – Thomas Rhett

[Photo courtesy of John Shearer via Billboard]

Thomas Rhett is one of the most prominent country singers in 2019. He was one of the recipients for the 2019 CMT’s Artist of the Year award and was a nominee at the CMA Awards for Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the year with Center Point Road

His career has soared over the past years with hits “It Goes Like This,” “Sixteen,” “Life Changes,” and the sweet ballad to his wife, Lauren Akins, “Die a Happy Man.” Rhett has captured the hearts of many singing songs to his wife, and he does it yet again with Center Point Road’s “Dream You Never Had.”


“Dream You Never Had” is a musically and lyrically beautiful love note to his wife. He thanks her for continuously being there for him while he lives out his dream. The reality of this sacrifice is shown at the beginning of the first verse –  

“Our Fridays are Mondays and our second home is on wheels / I told you I’d slow down, but we both know I never will / Half of our nights, baby, we spend ‘em sleeping alone / “I gotta go” conversations and raising our kids through the phone”

This verse leads to the chorus – “I know it’s been hard, I know it ain’t easy / Oh, but I couldn’t do one show without you /  oh baby, believe me…just wanna say thank you for living this dream I know you never had.” 

“[It] was really hard for me to write,” Rhett told ABC News Radio. “I think in every marriage you have to compromise…And that really is somewhat an apology and a thank you to Lauren, for just riding out this chaotic lifestyle we call the music business together, because it’s not easy.”

Why Is It a Must Listen?

Rhett continues to push the boundaries of country music with his pop accents. He is always expanding his palette musically, and lyrically, has grown in Center Point Road. I thought his last album Life Changeswas incredible but was blown away by new songs, “Almost,” “That Old Truck,” “Look What God Gave Her,” and especially “Dream You Never Had.”

This song is universally understood in marriages, but especially marriages in the entertainment industry. The music is soft and compliments the reality of the lyrics. In my opinion, this is Rhett at the top of his game as a songwriter. He’s vulnerable and honest, showing the reality of a touring artist and how it affects the people not in the spotlight.

Rhett performed this song at CMT’s Artist of the Year ceremony after Akins introduced him with a heartfelt speech about his dedication to his family and music. Check out the performance here, or go to any streaming site and listen, you won’t regret it!

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