“Mother” – Charlie Puth

[Photo courtesy of Press/Atlantic Records via NME]

Showcasing a beautiful voice and infectious melodies, Charlie Puth has been at the top of the pop charts since his hit “See You Again” in 2015. From there, his perfect pitch and catchy lyrics awarded him the title “pop prodigy.” Now, he is working on a new sound and production for his third studio album.

An artist who is always trying to push the boundaries and reinvent himself, Puth has more to offer. His second release since his 2018 album “Voicenotes” sheds light on this new sound and attitude. According to Billboard, Puth’s “Mother” is similar in style to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel;” it’s a feel-good listen with a clear message.


Puth took to Twitter saying, “‘Mother’ is about the high school experience I never had.” It’s a typical story of teenage rebellion – sneaking out, hooking up, and covering the truth.

The song begins with Puth getting praise from his love interest’s mom for his good manners and charming demeanor, but “The moment she walks out the door / I’m not pretending anymore.” In the chorus he makes his intentions clear, “If your mother knew all of the things that we do / If your mother knew, she’d keep me so far from you.” 

Why Is It a Must a Listen?

While the story is universal and the lyrics are simple, Puth’s anchoring beat and voice makes “Mother” a worthy playlist addition. From the initial bassline, I was hooked on the melody and thoroughly impressed by Puth’s eclectic sound, differing from past songs. Puth offers a lighthearted feeling juxtaposed to his dark, edgy first single “I Warned Myself.” 

The music video elevates the tone of the song, showing scenes of teenagers running off breaking into a pool and driving around the town, with scattered views of Puth singing. It’s a fun beat that’s easy to listen to and enjoy. 

After “Mother,” I am excited about the next single and anticipate the release of his third studio album.  

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