“Never Be Sorry” – Old Dominion

[Photo courtesy of the artist via band’s Instagram]

If you are looking for a better outlook on a past relationship, Old Dominion has one in their new single, “Never Be Sorry.”

Over the past few years, Old Dominion has left their mark on the country scene, scoring six No. 1 hits, and in 2018, winning the ACM and CMA Vocal Group of the Year. “Never Be Sorry” is the band’s fourth single from their upcoming self-titled studio album, available on October 25.  

The new release tackles a sour subject with a sweet melody, making this track an irresistible listen.


The lyrics in “Never Be Sorry” send a clear message – even though the relationship ended, the singer won’t be sorry for the feelings and experiences shared while a couple. “Sometimes two people end up victims of love / It don’t work out like you planned it / Just ’cause we couldn’t get the stars to line up / Don’t mean we leave empty-handed,” sings lead Matthew Ramsey.

The group refers to personal experiences shared with the lost love, but they are familiar to relationships. Ramsey recalls calling her “Sugar” to make her smile, buying her shoes, spending a night together and missing a party to be with each other.  

“This song is about the unfortunate realization that people get to sometimes where a relationship just isn’t what you thought it would be…,” posted the band on their Instagram, “some relationships just aren’t in the cards, but you can’t be sorry for falling in love.” 

Why Is It a Must Listen?

Old Dominion knows how to tell a great story lyrically and create a melody that evokes emotion. The song flows effortlessly from the verses to the chorus. While the chorus is simple, repeating, “I’ll never be sorry / I’ll never be sorry for loving you,” its catchy vibe is infectious.

I find myself listening to Old Dominion more and more these days. The group has a positive outlook on life and encourages people to see the good in their heartbreaks. The infusion of classic country with rock and roll, reggae and pop accents work well with their upbeat, optimistic lyrics.

I believe this next album will be a hit if the songs are anything like “Never Be Sorry.” The band released three other singles, “Make It Sweet,” “One Man Band” and “Some People Do,” all creatively fantastic, so check them out! 

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